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£1,039.47 claimed

Mr Gary & Mrs Mei Butt

“Excellent service,very professional and highly recommended!”

£847.24 claimed

Mrs Ann Goodship

“I have been very pleased with the way you have conducted everything and the way I have been informed of the latest situation with my claims. It was a lovely surprise to receive a payment for a PPI that I did’n’t even know I had and would not have know how to go about checking it out for myself. Many thanks for your quick and friendly service.”

£8,761.05 claimed

Mrs Lynne Birkett

“Extremely efficient service provided. ”

£8,761.05 claimed

Mrs Lynne Birkett

“Extremely efficient service provided. ”

£6,781.29 claimed

Mr Michael Thomas

“I had a call from The PPI Team.have to be honest & say at 1st I thought it was a scam……………………… A few days later a very professional pack arrived & all I had to do was sign a few forms……………….Still not 100% convinced …………………until payment of £6211 hit my bank account last Friday…………..very very pleased with the service, had a great weekend & now looking forward to an unexpected extra holiday……….. Well done the PPI Team & a very big thank you!!!”

£188.56 claimed

Mr Leon Western

“Very happy with the service found all members of staff I spoke with helpful and dealt with my claim very well, Thanks Leon”

£5,396.69 claimed

Mr Hugh Dyas

“Working with “The PPI Team” could not have been easier. Their professionalism and efficiency made the whole experience enjoyable and very fruitful. I have no hesitation in commending “The PPI Team” to anyone making a PPI claim.”

£7,064 claimed

Mr David & Mrs Sarah Lewis

“The forms were fairly straight forward, the process then mostly out of our hands apart from an interview by the previous loan provider. Feedback was prompt, and payment then swift.”

£1,366.81 claimed

Mr Gary Maddocks

“The first thing I would like to say is thank you, for helping me recover the mis sold PPi that I was owed. Secondly, thank you for making the process so easy and straightforward”

£439.61 claimed

Mrs Lucy Hassall

“I was very impressed at how easy it was to claim back our money. I received a phone call from The PPI Team during which they asked me a few questions. I received a form to sign and that was it. No massive long forms to fill out (and not having to remember all the information from every loan/credit card we have ever had) ”

£6,903.46 claimed

Mr Ivan Rushton

“The PPI team are a brilliant organisation who claimed back money on my PPI that other companies didn’t. Their service is fast and efficient and I would recommend them in a flash in fact I already have to my friend So don’t delay use them today and you could soon be having a holiday paid for by money secured for you by the PPI team”

£6,067.02 claimed

Mr Patrick Cullen

“I really cannot fault the Team as I said before they saved me a lot of time and stress. A big thank you from a very satisfied customer”

£11,535.20 claimed

Mrs Linda Perks

“I was highly delighted with the service and hard work that the PPI team provides. I had no thoughts of claiming at all but was contacted anyway so I thought why not. Absolutely over the moon with the result. Thanks for your initiation and subsequent result.”

£91.00 claimed

Mrs Jane Freeman

“Whilst I didn’t have a huge claim/settlement, I really didn’t expect to get anything at all. The PPI Team service was so easy to use – I didn’t even have to supply past account references, just sign forms for each of my past lenders and the PPI Team did the rest – an extremely simple and hassle free process. Thank you.”

£6,067.02 claimed

Mr Patrick Cullen

“I really can not fault the service it saved me a lot of stress, the team could not have been more helpful. Thank you, regards, Pat Cullen”

£138.46 claimed

Mr Colin Hellewell

“I would like to say thank you so much for the service and the communication all the way through the procedure, you have made the whole claiming process so easy. Thank you once again.”

£1,665.43 claimed

Mrs Susan Oyitch

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided. It was so simple. I was very sceptical about using a company I knew nothing about but you have been totally professional from beginning to end. I had no idea that I had paid PPI so I thought it would come to nothing. An excellent result with hardly any effort on my part. You did all the work! I have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends.”

£2,728.32 claimed

Mrs Kay Fitzgerald

“Very good service, the team rang me back when I needed help, I am pleased to have chosen the PPl team. ”

£1,478.86 claimed

Sabrina Griffith

“TI must admit after contacting my bank my self who informed me I was not entitled to any money I was reluctant to pursue matters when I was called by the PPI team but they were very helpful an i decided to go ahead and what a relief. The process was simple the service was far better than other service providers an I was kept up to date at every step even better I was awarded over a thousand pound!! So much for not being entitled to anything! I have recommended the team to my family an friends so hopefully they will all be as happy as me, if your unsure just do it as the ppi team take all the hassles out of it for you.”

£44.91 claimed

Mrs Andrea Mosley

“The staff were very friendly and efficient. I was kept up to date on a regular basis eith the progress of my claim. I found them very helpful if i had any questions that i needed to ask. All in all the claim process was very quick.”

£9,012.14 claimed

Mrs Ann Tomlinson

“Thank you to the PPI team for a smooth and stress free transaction.I was never hassled and was kept in touch with and updated throughout the process. If anyone was thinking about going through the process I would encourage them to give the PPI team a ring Thank you again for a great outcome that will give me great financial peace of mind”

£338.32 claimed

Mr Paul Akosah

“It was a fantastic, excellent and straight forward process. Many thanks to The PPI Team.”

£1,141.34 claimed

Mr Steven Chadderton

“Just a few lines to say that I am most impressed by your prompt and courteous input towards my Claim(s), your Professional Approach is impressive to say the least. I would be more that happy for your future Clients to make direct contact with me, to affirm your successful involvement. Best Wishes for 2014 to the whole of the PPI Team! Thank you again.”

£1,104.76 claimed

Mr Christopher Horney

“I Found the service excellent. The team were very helpful,friendly and very informative. I was constantly informed by e.mail and telephone on what was happening,and found the team very supportive. I Would recommend the PPI Team to anybody who is seeking PPI.”

£10,498.60 claimed

Mr Gareth Ackroyd

“hi ppi team, thank you for the result . Â i will recommend you to other people who may think they might have a claim. Â happy new year to all.”

£228.65 claimed

Miss Margaret MacDonald

“I have found the PPI Team to be very professional in dealing with my claims. I have been kept up to date with progress by text and email. I did not expect to get anything back as I had no paperwork for any of the claims, so was delighted to find out before Christmas that I would be receiving a cheque. Well done, PPI team”

£3,099.93 claimed

Mrs Joan and Mr Stephen Jones

“I would just like to say our experience with PPI team was faultless. We were kept informed every step of the way by text, and we could also ring up for advice on filling in the forms when they arrived, nothing was to much trouble,they also took care of the forms for the Ombudsman when the bank decline our claim, and are still keeping us informed on the progress. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.”

£1,358.13 claimed

Mr Matthew & Mrs Janet Onakoya

“You handling of our claim was very professional and your communication throughout the process was extremely helpful”

£2,545.57 claimed

Mr Roy George

“To the PPI Team,I would like to thank you for the work that you did to get get me my money were the bank refused me.HAPPY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU”

£6,384.09 claimed

Mr Steven Crossman

“Thanks to the ppl team for keeping in contact through out the claims and would recommend them to anyone to contact them.”

£435.35 claimed

Ms Nichola Mckinnon

“the PPI Team from start to finish were professional and extremely helpful, everything was handled for me and communucation was excellent. Thankyou PPI Team.”

£2,336.54 claimed

Mrs Cynthia Paul

“Hi I would like to say that I am delighted by the service I have received from the PPI team and Lisa in particular. At every stage I have been kept informed about progress. Although I know it would have been possible for me to claim back PPI for myself, the reality is that I wouldn’t have had the temerity needed. So I am truly grateful for the work done on my behalf by the team.”

£1,089.38 claimed

Mrs Carol & Mr Leo Alderman

“To the ppi team We found your service to be very good and would recommend your company to others. Thank you Carol & Leo.”

£3,099.93 claimed

Mrs Joan & Mr Stephen Jones

“I would just like to say our experience with PPI team was faultless. We were kept informed every step of the way by text, and we could also ring up for advice on filling in the forms when they arrived, nothing was to much trouble,they also took care of the forms for the Ombudsman when the bank decline our claim, and are still keeping us informed on the progress. I would certainly recomend them to anyone.”

£5,064.92 claimed

Mr Trevor Clarke

“I found the PPI team to be extremely professional in all respects in handling my claim.I was kept informed at all times during the process and am extremely pleased with the outcome. I cannot recommend them enough. If you do not try you will never know.”

£3,317.55 claimed

Mr Oliver Cassar Torregiani

“Well you guys rang me up explained to me that there is a chance I could be owed £££s for past loans, you kept me in the loop from day one and always explained to me what I needed to do, be that hardly anything, but when I got stuck you ran me though it perfectly, Since you guys got me over 3k back I have been able to treat me kids to a Christmas I would normally not be able to provide, I can’t wait to see their faces on the 25/12, I have also got myself out of debit with a few accounts, this has made my life so much easier. Thank you really to all of you who helped me. I can’t give you enough praise, told all my friends and family about you and I hope you gain some new customers from my referrals. You guys are like the modern day robin hoods.”

£7,299.04 claimed

Mrs Jane Wall

“Over the years I have heard a lot about PPI claim companies and have also seen documentaries whereby people have employed these companies on a no win – no fee basis, however when their claims were not upheld the customer was then presented for a bill! So it was a long time before I considered looking into a PPI claim for myself. The PPI Team were very honest and open about their practice and so after doing my research on the company I decided to see if I was in fact entitled to a refund. To my amazement I was! The process was so simple with very little paperwork and time and effort on my part and I received a nice surprise about the amount of money I was owed (and it came in time for Christmas shopping!). For those people who are thinking about the money it will cost you if you have a successful claim – think of this – would you rather approximately 70% of something – or 100% of nothing! Without a company doing the paperwork for you, you may never know if you are entitled to any money back, let alone get it. So I would thoroughly recommend this company to others. (I have already done so to my friends and colleagues).”

£322.21 claimed

Claire Bishop

“Fantastic, quick and very informative. Professional and personal at all times. Kept up to date from day 1. They were recomended from a friend and even though i didn’t think i was entitled to anything i was totally proved wrong. Would certainly recomend them to anyone. You won’t know unless you try.”

£2,553.03 claimed

June Jackaman and Gary Raybould

“Thank you for all you did. Without you acting on our behalf we would never have received the money owed to us. Thank you.”

£3,317.55 claimed

Mr Oliver Cassar Torregiani

“Thank you so much you have saved the day, this will be the best invoice I have ever paid, I can’t wait to pay you for this outstanding work you have done, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.”

£1,302.55 claimed

Mrs Tracey Evans

“Absolutely fantastic service thank you for everything. Kept me in the loop at all times.”

£20,664.20 claimed

Mrs Sharon Seipel

“Thank you for great service You have never been pushy and all staff I have dealt with have been pleasant and very helpful. The service I have received from The PPI Team has been exceptional and I have been more than happy to recommend you to my friends.”

£1,663.90 claimed

Miss Louise Reddell

“I was happy with the service I got from the PPI team. I found the staff friendly & efficient. Reward claimed & it came in handy!”

£4,942.02 claimed

Miss Keisha Robinson

“Very pleased with the prompt efficient service from the PPI team. Kept me fully informed throughout the process and I got a good settlement.”

£6,332.26 claimed

Mr Terry McMullen

“I was very happy with service I received. The team was very polite and helpful and was not stressful in anyway. I do recommend using the PPI team.”

£11,254.89 claimed

Miss Anne Budd

“Good communication skills exhibited by all members of the team that I spoke to. I was kept informed on a regular basis, queries when raised were answered clearly. There was a minimum amount of paperwork on my side to complete, which simplifies the process for the claimant. I have recommneded the team to other people.”

£7,483.31 claimed

Mr Jonathan Holmes

“To all the staff at PPI a big thanks for getting my money back from Lloyds. As you know I had nothing but an old loan account number, and I didn’t think you would have any luck, so quickly, and with minimal input from me. Thanks again.”

£1,906.30 claimed

Mrs Lorraine Kemp

“You have successfully recouped three amounts already, and are working for us on two more. The service and communication has been exemplary, friendly yet professional. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you.”

£732.20 claimed

Mrs Yvonne Robertson

“I would just like to say I have been very pleased with the service from the PPI team. I was fed up of companies ringing & offering the service but expecting information from many years ago which I was unable to remember, but PPI advisors spent time explaining everything to me & all I have had to do is sign forms with the clients name on & they have done the rest. They have kept me updates at regular intervals & I have had some cash sums back already.”

£308.30 claimed

Miss Jacqueline Ferguson

“The PPI team delivered an excellent service. Communication was excellent, kept up to date at all stages by phone calls and emails. Well done, many thanks.”

£30,408.10 claimed

Mrs Beverley Smith

“Very efficient service. Kept informed at all stages. The perfect stress free solution to claiming back mis-sold PPI. I will be recommending the PPI team. I cannot thank the team enough, a fantastic result. I never envisaged receiving such a large sum.”

Refund claimed

Mrs Sarah & Mr Tim Diggle

“The PPI team provided an excellent service. Communication was great and the process very simple and straightforward. Especially considering I couldn’t remember all the details of our accounts. Thanks very much all who worked on it.”

£1,819.82 claimed

Mrs Monica Yunnie

“Thank you for dealing efficiently with my claim, the paperwork was straightforward and the procedures explained clearly. I felt well informed at all stages and was relieved that my claim was upheld in a stressfree but rewarding manner.”

£6,184.40 claimed

Mr Alan Emptage

“Simple, super easy and professional !!! ”

Refund claimed

Mrs Eileen Roache

“I found your operatives to be friendly and extremely helpful.They explained everything and were not overly pushy.” “You delivered within the time stated and provided an efficient and fuss free service .I have already recommended your company to two of my friends and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Refund claimed

Mr & Mrs Dewhirst

“We would just like to say thank you for your effecient service. We would have never put in a claim for PPI as we firmly believed we didnt have any. How wrong we were. You just assume everyone is as trustworthy as you are.”

£32,580.50 claimed

Mrs C Starkey

“We have been delighted with the effort you have put into our claims, at the beginning we were dubious but the no win no fee convinced me we had nothing to loose, your staff have been very polite and kept us well informed and as well as constant updates which is always helpful i have been able to contact you at every turn for further advice, you have been proffessional and friendly throughout, and we thank you.”

Refund claimed

Mrs S Roberts

“I have written a letter of thanks to Lisa the lady that dealt with my claim and spoke to on the telephone and the PPI team and included it with the payment, for the fantastic job they have done on my behalf. Well done.”

Refund claimed

Mrs S Langan

“I found the PPI team to be very helpful in pursuing a claim on my behalf. Communication was good & I was kept updated throughout the process. The whole experience for me proved to be effortless because of the way it was dealt with. Thank you.”

£3,876.30 claimed

Ms J Baker

“Many thanks for contacting us and helping us realise we had past debts with payment protection added that we did not realise. You have been in constant contact with us throughout the process and you have also done all the hard work. When our refund came through it was a very pleasant surprise with very little effort on our part. Much appreciated!”

£1,051.10 claimed

Ms J Hay

“I was pleased with the quick and efficient service and got money back that I would maybe never have without your help. Thank you.”

£3,330.00 claimed

Mrs P Carter

“Thank you for all you have done for us, We appreciate your professionalism and rapid response to our claim.”

£2,788.70 claimed

Mrs M Brewster

“The PPI Team, thank you very much we were really surprised about the refund, we honestly didn’t think we would get anything, thanking you.”

£856.50 claimed

Ms J Hay

“I was pleased with the efficient and courteous service I received from your team, after being told that I had not paid any PPI by my bank you proved otherwise and I received my money back. Thank you for your hard work on my behalf.”

Refund claimed

Mrs P V Ruffle

“With the money I received I was able to pay off an outstanding bill on one of my store cards. The team were courteous, patient and very efficient.”

Refund claimed

Mrs S White

“Many thanks for your efforts to convince me it was worth putting in a claim. Your staff have only ever been professional and helpful.”

Refund claimed

Mr P Yates

“I would like to say the service from the PPI team was excellent, they was always in contact letting me know how my claim was going either by email or phone so i would highly recommend them.”

Refund claimed

Mr D Ashworth

“Exceptional service, good communication, staff very helpful. Highly recommended”

£5,777.94 claimed

Mr M Caswell

“Excellent service and friendly helpful staff”

Refund claimed

Mrs S Marshall

“I so far have been very impressed with the service that the PPI Team has given me. I’ve recommended to friends and family. Very professional, friendly and appropriate at all times. Update reg with e-mails and telephone calls as needed. Little time wasted for me. All very positive experience and hope we have more outcome with the still open cases.”

£1,715.60 claimed

Mr D Gibson

“Very helpful and pleasant to deal with highly recommendable”

£12,618.39 claimed

Mrs M from Newcastle

“I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with the service I’ve received from the PPI Team. While I had been confident in the justification for my claim for quite some time, I did not feel I had the time, energy or confidence to take on the bank myself. When the PPI Team contacted me about making a claim on my behalf, I still worried that this might be a difficult and time consuming process and, given recent press around the reluctance of banks to uphold claims, I remained doubtful that the PPI Team would be successful in securing a refund for me. How wrong could I have been! The initial claim process was much more straightforward than I anticipated – some simple form filling and the team took my claim forward to my bank without delay. Within 2 months of starting the claims process, a substantial PPI refund was paid into my bank account. I am absolutely delighted with this outcome and so pleased that I chose the PPI Team to work on my behalf….The PPI Team have done an outstanding job and I can’t thank them enough!”