What our customers say

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Mr Frank Mason

“Thanks for the help.”


Mr Joseph Richardson

“This is just a short note to thank you for making my PPI claim effortless.
The money I got back will be used at Xmas. Thanks again.”


Miss Janice Appleton & Miss Margaret Jones

“Many thanks for your help in discovering that we were not entitled to any PPI refund. We always found your team to be very helpful and informative.”


Mr Adam Skitt

“Was just a simple and easy process. No false promises.”


Mrs Lorna Cooney

“I found the service to be fast, efficient and friendly. I would be happy to recommend the service to friends and colleagues. Also all of the agents I have spoken to were both friendly and professional.”


Mrs Mary Gill

“I found the PPI Team staff to be pleasant and friendly. Their system is efficient and they are very honest and up front about the charges they make. It was an easy and painless process as they did most of the work for me.
If I have a criticism it as that the somewhat American style over exuberance is a bit “Disney Channel” for my liking. Every answer I gave was “Wonderful”. A bit OTT but better than miserable incivility.”


Mr Simon Walker

“Thanks for all your help, it has been a very simple process and you have kept me informed all the way through.”


Miss Marion Cox

“I would like to say thank you for your assistance in my claim, you were very helpful, you have kept me informed, and was not pushing, many thanks for your help.”


Louis & Mrs Sandra Perera

“I wasn’t even aware that I had a legitimate PPI claim as the loan I took out was 15 years ago and I didn’t have any paperwork. The PPI team investigated on my behalf and I was delighted to receive money back that I wasn’t expecting. Great result. Thanks again.”


Mrs Deborah Savage

“Excellent service, had put PPI to the back of mind as the thought of going back years trying to find the information filled me with dread, I needn’t have worried, the PPI team did that bit for me!”


Mrs Melanie & Mr Jamie Whittick

“Thank you for all the correspondence whilst you have been dealing with this particular claim. I have been kept updated regularly on the process via email and text and all time constraints have been met. I would not hesitate to contact yourselves again should I have any other PPI claims.”


Mrs Evi Levett

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone on the team that helped us with the claim. We didn’t even think we ever had PPI and then to find out, in the end, it was from a bank we had not used in over 20 years, what a shock that was. And to think we were not even going to bother to put through a claim!!! So yes well done and thanks again.”


Mrs Patricia Robinson

“I would like to thank you for your friendly and efficient service. It was totally painless and I was not aware that I was owed anything it was a very pleasant outcome.”


Mr Anthony York

“Great service whether I am a winner or not!!!”


Mrs Hilary Pymm

“I was very pleased to receive a positive outcome to my complaint about the PPI which was sold to me when I didn’t require it. Especially as the other company who had previously taken on my case had failed in their attempt. Many thanks once again for your help in this matter.”


Mr Michael Dyke

“When I replied to your initial phone call all I wanted was a prompt and professional service and that was exactly what you provided for me. You kept me updated at all times and dealt with my enquiry easily within the timescale you provided. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts on my behalf.”


Mrs Margaret Taylor

“I had long been convinced that I had no PPI to claim but was fed up of people ringing me. When the PPI team phoned they were very professional so I thought I would prove that there was no PPI – and there wasn’t any claim but I must admit everything was very easy. The forms were easy to fill in and on the odd occasion that I needed to talk to anyone they were polite and friendly. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.”


Mr Paril Vadher

“Thank you for looking into my potential claims. Although nothing came of it, the process was simple and I was kept informed at all times.”


Mr Maxwell Thomas

“Thank you for trying to help!Sadly we have not been successful with some of the claims but I’m very pleased with the effort put in by your team.”


Mrs Catherine Henderson

“Having avoided PPI cold calls etc. for years, I was advised by a friend just to use a company to check as they had been surprised to find they had some PPI from years back they had been unaware of. The process was simple and straight-forward, they do all the leg-work and it’s a case of signing some forms and sending them back. I was thrilled to receive a check for £1,600 from one bank a few months later and I may have more to come as they are still working on potential claims for me with other banks, credit cards and building societies. The fees are high, representing over a third of the amount I was awarded, but I would never have received the compensation in the first place if they had not done all the work, so I am OK with that. The service was good; friendly and helpful staff, as a previous PPI claim sceptic, I highly recommend them.”


Mrs Susan Holmes

“Very professional service (from staff in the call centre to forms and paperwork) and required minimal work from myself, which is what I was looking for in a service.”


Mr Julian & Mrs Jane Bowran

“The service has been prompt and quick, easy to fill in forms and does not take a lot of time. Excellent service so far.”


Mr Hugh & Mrs Delores Kelly

“I would like to very much thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. Whilst the eventual amount reclaimed was not enormous it was nonetheless because of your endeavour that I did receive it. Every little helps as they say so once again thank you for your persistence in reclaiming what was mine.”


Mrs Bronwen Priestley

“The PPI Team were very efficient and on the ball. My loans were quite some time ago, but they have got me some PPI I didn’t know I was entitled to… And they are still looking into other claims for me. I would certainly recommend them.”


Mrs Gillian Dennett

“Very pleased with the service & courtesy offered by the PPI team. They kept me informed at each step so I new who my claim was with and at what stage they were at. Very impressed.”


Mrs Carys Timperley-White

“The service I received was excellent. It was easy to follow the information provided and I was supported without being pressurised at any point. The process was straight forward and easy to understand. I was kept informed at every stage.”


Mr Ian & Mrs Catherine Brass

“Just like to say we were very happy with your help in our PPI claim, simple and very straight forward from start to finish.”


Mr Lawrence Parker

“Hi PPI Team, Thanks for your professionalism and a great result. Could have done this myself but considering the hassle and stress I am so pleased I came to you. Your team made it an incredibly easy process. Can’t praise your service too highly. Well done all of you.”


Mr Robin Flowers

“Many thanks for your email confirming payment made, I would like to thank the PPI team for the excellent work performed in the recovery of miss charged PPI, my wife informed me that you are still in the pursuit of further PPI miss charges so no doubt will be hearing from your good selves in the near future. Once again for your very competent service.”


Mrs Joanna Miller

“Thank you for getting my money back, it was very painless, just a matter of filling in a form, and then I forgot all about it until your email informing me you had managed to get £5,500 back for me.
Thank you for your efficient service.”


Mrs Jayne Goodacre

“My husband and I did not know we were owed this compensation and had no idea how to claim. This is where the PPI Team stepped in and they were great with the minimal information we gave we have had two cases already upheld. A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL YOUR TEAM.”


Mr Nicholas Lett

“Very easy to deal with. The paper work was pre filled out, all I had to do was check all details were correct then sign, date and return. My claim was successfully and I received funds that I didn’t know was due to me.”


Mrs Julie Webster

“Everyone has been really helpful and pleasant. Very efficient too. I wasn’t entitled to any money but I would recommend your company.”


Miss Melanie Parkin

“Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish, everything was explained at the beginning regarding fees etc. so no nasty surprises or hidden small print. The team are polite, courteous and nothing is too much trouble, all communications were responded to very quickly, something you don’t find much in customer services nowadays. All in all the PPI team found policies I didn’t know I had and I cannot recommend them enough!”


Mr Mark Graves

“I am very happy with the PPI team the whole process was very smooth
and hassle free well done.”


Miss Pauline Hay

“Overall your service was good. The team were very friendly, professional and very efficient.”


Mr Steven Duffield

“I would like to thank you for the quick and easy way in which you dealt with my claim.”


Mr Dale Burns

“I would like to thank the PPI Team for their help in claiming money back for me which I did not know I had coming out of the banks. The PPI Team never pressured me into doing it just a few questions and then just kept in contact when they need to. Got money back now, I am a happy man. So once again thank you!”


Mrs Karen Ward

“This was the easiest thing I have ever done. I was sure I wasn’t owed anything, and didn’t have old account numbers, dates or details, but thought as the PPI team weren’t pushy, I would give it a go. I just got £1100 back, fantastic result, thank you!!!”


Mrs Jacqueline & Mr Barry Simpson

“We were pleased to be kept in touch with the gradual progression of our claim with Capital One, and even if our other claims amount to nothing, we are glad we chose to have them investigated so that we would not be missing out on any entitlement. Thank you.”


Mr John Redpath

“Thanks to everyone at PPI, they searched and searched and they found my 18K, many thanks for the professional and friendly service.”


Mr Cyril Davey

“I would like to thank the PPI team yet again for claiming me a further £1,115.02 for another PPI claim. The service is excellent and they are a genuine company and I would recommend them to anybody. Once again thank you for your quality service.”


Mr Gary Dobson

“Dealing with the PPI Team could not be easier. All correspondence was handled efficiently and within a short time frame. I am very happy with the service provided and would not hesitate to recommend.”


Mrs Patricia Taylor

“I found your service efficient, quick and satisfactory.”


Mr Richard & Mrs Barbara Davies

“May I thank you for your wonderful professional and personal approach which took all the stress out our successful claim process. Your communication systems are very thorough, effective, regular and informative. Your staff are always extremely helpful, patient and professional. The total amount claimed back was over £1500. Thank you I could not have done this on my own.”


Miss Carol Craig

“As requested feed back regarding your organization and I can say all through the process I was kept informed and on the occasions when I called the company by phone it was answered promptly and my questions clearly and accurately answered.”


Mr Adrian & Mrs Brenda Brooks

“I was so sure that I had never paid PPI that it took months before I decided to sign up. Now almost £2000 better off I am very glad I did. The PPI team were always helpful and kept me informed of the progress of my claims regularly. Thanks PPI team for a great job.”


Mrs Lynne Miller

“Happy with the service, good communications keeping me informed. Unfortunately no PPI came from investigation but I would not have done this myself.”


Mrs Fiona Mcneill

“Quick, professional service. The PPI team claimed back money that I didn’t even know I had paid out. I have used their service twice & would recommend them if you are like me & don’t have the time to pursue a PPI claim on your own.”


Mrs Verity Charles

“The PPI team were easy to work with and did an amazing job on my claim, I received £20,000 and had the money within two weeks. I would thorough recommend them to anyone who hasn’t yet made a claim or does not think they had PPI! I wasn’t sure so was very pleased with my award.”


Miss Amanda List

“All communication has been easy to understand and all agents I have spoken to have been polite and informative. This has been a simple process from my point of view, I would not have dealt with re-claiming PPI had I of done it myself as the process would have been time consuming and a bit more complex. Well worth the fees payable. Thank you!”


Mr Edward Johnson

“Very professional and efficient. I would have no problem in recommending you to anyone. Thank you for all you have done.”


Mr Leburn Rose

“I think the service provided by The PPI Team is fabulous on three counts. It is highly professional, keeps me informed and gives me a real sense that someone is working determinedly on my behalf.”


Mrs Carol Quayle

“My friend Helen told me about the PPI Team. I was a bit concerned at first but the people I spoke to were really friendly and not pushy as I had anticipated. I filled out the forms and waited, it was so easy.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I got my award letter, I was so impressed. Now I tell all my friends and family to answer the call when their phones ring.

Thank you to all the PPI Team.”


Mr Riccardo Monterotti

“Excellent service. I would definitely recommend it to friends. Thank you PPI Team!”


Mrs Vivien Culley

“I found you to be very clear in your explanations, very quick and clear in answering any queries I had. Very efficient in dealing with matters. I have been very impressed with your service and have recommended you to my friends.”


Mrs Michelle Shelton

“Thank you PPI team you made the whole process very simple and I’m delighted with the result. A truly professional and friendly service all round.”


Mr Harry Semple

“Absolutely superb service from start to finish. I had never considered claiming before but the whole process was so straight forward I’d have been a fool not to!”


Mr Anthony Dwyer

“Excellent friendly service…..kept informed at all times…..would definitely recommend the PPI team to deal with your claim.”


Mr Alan Dunn

“The PPI team took on my case with basic information, and secured a substantial pay out. I’d always known I was owed something, but as company subsidiaries change you lose track. PPI team go straight for the main target. Well done and thanks.”


Mr Jason Mclaughlin

“After assuming that I had never had PPI it was a pleasant surprise to receive the money we did. Many thanks for the professional and prompt service you have provided. I would recommend you to anyone looking into a PPI claim.”


Mr Franco Ciancio

“Very happy with the service which was very simple and informative. I received money back from my bank thanks to the PPI team.”


Mrs Kim Scales

“Although I was not due any money back the service the PPI team provided was superb, very clear and simple, I’d avoided claiming until I was contacted by the PPI team as it seemed too much hassle, but I can honestly say there was no hassle at all due to the PPI team doing everything for me.. Thank you.”


Mr Sean & Mrs Jane Mitchell

“The PPI Team handled my claims very professionally and I must say that without their knowledge and expertise in handling my claims, I would never have known that I had paid so much PPI in the past, my wife is now looking forward to holiday, thanks to the PPI Team!”


Mrs Joan Asken

“The PPI Team has provided me with a valuable service in establishing that I did indeed have three Payment Protection Claims in total. The team members with whom I have spoken have all been polite, helpful and informative and I cannot fault them. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the claims and cannot praise your team highly enough.”


Mr Dean Crudgington

“Very pleased with the efficient service. Could not of completed claim without your help. Nice to be kept up to date with the claim process. Will definitely recommend. Many thanks.”


Mr Lawrence & Mrs Sandra Thompson

“Service has been excellent, staff are very polite and totally informative, only had to supply minimal details – Thank you.”


Mr Alan Powell

“Excellent service highly recommended.”


Miss Melanie Wall

“Great service. Polite, friendly staff and easy to understand and submit paperwork. Thank you!”


Mr David Powell

“I found PPI staff to have a combination of friendliness, professionalism and efficiency. Whenever I telephoned the PPI Team my call was answered quickly and I always received excellent attention.

The sum that the PPI Team recovered (a total of £5,839) was beyond my wildest expectations!

I would definitely recommend the PPI Team to others.”


Mr Robert Moody

“Thank you! Your service was professional, efficient, courteous and above all profitable for me. Would definitely recommend your services.”


Miss Jennifer Jones

“I was very impressed by the fast, efficient service the PPI team provided, all staff were extremely pleasant and kept me informed of all stages of my claim. I recommended the service to my mother and will be doing the same for friends and family. Thank you for all your help.”


Mr Adam Chappell

“I was apprehensive at first about embarking on a PPI claim. I thought it would be time consuming. In the end the PPI team’s phone manner and efficiency with correspondence, plus useful text updates, turned the process into a painless and ultimately rewarding one. I am going to get my wife to contact them next!”


Mrs Veronica Wall

“Thank you very much for the work you did on my behalf. You were most helpful and efficient and very friendly.”