What our customers say

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Mrs Eileen Haines

“I would like to thank the PPI team for all their care and consideration. I cannot express how great they have been. Everything was done and I was informed of how it was all going.”


Mr Michael Pritchard

“Thank you to the PPI team for the quick and efficient way they dealt with my claim. The team were very professional and kept me informed of what was happening with my claim. Would recommend them to others to help with claims you may be entitled to.”


Mr Matthew Hart

“The service was so easy and claims were settled with ease and efficiency. The telephone calls were prompt and very helpful. Great service!”


Miss Rachel Toddington

“Excellent service and kept me up to date with progress of claims.”


Mrs Bronya White

“Good service from polite and helpful staff. Although we had no PPI to claim back I would have no problems recommending others to use the PPI team.”


Mr David Powell

“Once again, excellent and informative service.”


Mrs Doreen Mayhew

“Thank you for dealing with my claim you kept me well informed about what was happening and got results very quickly for one claim.”


Mrs Jill Moore

“I found the whole process simple. The contacts at PPI were very helpful. I was kept informed via text through the whole process.”


Mrs Jennifer Palmer

“The PPI team have been so professional from the first phone call. The correspondence was easy to understand and I was very surprised that I was owed anything after so many years. So, let the PPI team put in an application – you may be owed money too!”


Mr Stuart Lane

“I found your service straight forward and easy to use. Your advisors were always friendly and helpful and the whole process went through smoothly and without a hitch. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”


Mr Robert Gadsby

“I didn’t think that I had had any PPI as I explicitly told my bank that I didn’t require it when taking out my loans. How wrong I was. Thanks to the PPI team I got three separate pay outs for three loans. Efficient service, kept me informed all the way by phone and or text.”


Mr Fazal Miah

“I am really happy with the PPI Team they got the job done, I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.”


Mr Michael O’Donnell

“The service we have received from the PPI Team has been first class, we have been kept informed all the time and can not thank them enough.”


Mr David Powell

“Once again I am grateful for the professional and ethical way in which you have checked my financial record for a possible PPI claim. The paperwork I received was clear and simple for me to fill-in and I have been kept informed at every stage by email and/or text. At all times I have felt safe in the hands of the PPI Team and would recommend the Team to anyone else who suspects that they may have a PPI claim in the offing.”


Mr Anthony Taylor

“Thank you for all your hard work in being successful with my PPI Claim, every member of your team was excellent during phone calls when I needed them and very reliable with everything promised to me, my claim was dealt with very quickly and I was not mithered for there percentage which I was very happy with, I would highly recommend your company to friends and family. Thank You once again.”


Mrs Ellen Wilks

“Thank you to all the team at PPI Team who handled my claim successfully and professionally at all time. Easy to follow paperwork without any jargon. The team kept in touch throughout whenever necessary, I would recommend your team to anyone.”


Miss Jessica Winkler

“Very good, skilful sales call, only PPI call I’ve ever responded to. Easy process. Good updates throughout process. Sad I wasn’t entitled to it but glad I established that.”


Mrs Carole Russell

“Thank you for the service you’ve provided so far, I would never have known about this policy or that any amount was due without your help, much appreciated.”


Mr Geoffrey Smith

“I have found your service excellent. I have been kept informed regularly about the progress of claims. Form filling and similar tedious exercises have been kept to a minimum. Thank you for all your assistance.”


Mr Tahir Malik

“I am very happy with the service I received. The PPI team dealt with my queries promptly and provided me with feedback at all stages. Although no PPI claims have been identified, I felt it was important that I checked as you will be aware sometimes financial decisions are made without the proper information being provided. I have already recommended your service to others and will continue to do so. I really appreciate your assistance.”


Mr Malcolm & Mrs Sybil Mountford

“We don’t usually bother with telephone calls from persons “unknown” however the gentleman who rang was so courteous and explained things in a sensible and non pushy way, my husband thought,(even though we did not think we had a claim) why not it costs nothing and maybe just maybe…
The service was quick and professional explained in detail and the forms were really easy to fill in, just to check and sign date etc. as all information is already typed into them and although we did not have a claim we were informed pretty quickly of the outcome. Thank you P.P.I. and here’s hoping we have better luck with the second case you are handling for us.”


Mr Alan Bullen

“Thank you for the way you dealt with my PPI claim. Although I wasn’t entitled to any compensation the team were very helpful and went about the process without being intrusive and making large number of telephone calls to myself. I was also impressed by the way I was kept informed during the claim process. Top marks!”


Mr Maxwell Fleming

“Thank you for the great job you did, thank you for keeping me up to speed but at the same time not bothering me until there was something that needed to be said, or paperwork to be actioned. Your results far exceeded my expectations!(And that is a true understatement!). On the strength of the marvellous job you did for me I have recommended you to a friend who I have no doubt be in touch with you within the next few weeks! Thanks again for your great work.”


Mrs Jacqueline Baigent

“Thank you so much for the very swift and professional service you gave through a claim which I thought was not going to come to anything. However having no paper work what so ever and a claim that was over 10 years old the chances were slim. But thanks to the PPI team and all their hard work & support I finally received a refund just before Xmas which was a lovely feeling particularly at this time of year when the refund money paid to me came in very handy.

Thanks a million and I have already recommended your services to all my friends & Family.”


Mrs Katrina Young

“Was a lovely polite gentleman with good manners should be more like him!.”


Mr Peter Williams

“Thank you very much for your excellent service, the outcome you achieved was fantastic.”


Mrs Paula & Mr Terrence

“I have been very happy with the result of my claim and can say with clarity that I wouldn’t have chased up on this myself. PPI did all the hard work for me. The result has also been much faster than I expected, I thought it would take at least 12 months and it has been since October/November that I was contacted by the team at PPI. Thank you and I would recommend others to use your service.”


Mr Gary Hart

“After answering countless calls about PPI and having to decline because of the language barrier (I’m English). A member of the team called who spoke English! All of the team are clear speaking and have a great product knowledge. There was never a rush and all the team take the time to keep you well informed of the progress of your claim. The PPI team provides a first class service.”


Mr Andrew Howitt

“I found the service efficient, effective and easy to do. Just a bit of form filling at the beginning (an hour or so) and a couple of letters and emails after that. I would have no hesitation in recommending to others.”


Mrs Sandra Jackson

“Many thanks for my settlement, it has been very quick and a lot easier that I thought possible. I did not think for one minute I would be entitled to anything, so I am very grateful to you all for your investigation and the money I have received.”


Mr Andrew & Mrs Fiona Woodrow

“Thank you for taking the time to offer support and to persevere where other companies had told us that there was no PPI to be paid out. When contacted I had just been given notice of redundancy so the money has come in really handy. There was no need to trawl back to see what loans etc. were taken out. All we had to do was sign & return the paperwork. The PPI team did the rest. Best wishes and thanks again for all your help.”


Mr Ronald & Mrs Patricia Young

“Thank you for your effort it is appreciated and I would recommend you to other colleagues.”


Mrs Christine & Mr Dennis Stevens

“Thank you for handling our claim, everything was straight forward and was very happy with the service and communication.”


Miss Jacqueline Crawley

“I can only shower praise on the PPI team. Not only did they arrive like angels with a payment of more than I had anticipated, and just before Christmas, but through what I can only imagine as sheer diligence over some 18 months, their sincerity has come right. I have to say that I was very sceptical at the beginning, but decided to fill out the forms as the quality and service was spot on, and over all this time PPI team have not hounded or bothered me at all, unless I regret to say some other companies. So forgive the old quote from Wall Street but… Goes to show, cold calling does work!!”


Mrs Amanda & Mr Simon Smalley

“Dear ‘’The most polite and easy PPI Team, well after years of being called and both myself and my husband ending numerous calls, we finally accepted that maybe there is hope in possibly claiming some money back. These very nice and easy people to work with made my decision to go ahead with a claim. I was recommended by a friend. I am one of these people that do not have the time of day to look into all our past loans and mortgages, so here I am, just signing a few bits of paper, took no time at all!!!!!!! I have recommended to my friends and even my parents!!!!! you never know, a surprise might await you in just a few months for 10 minutes of your time in signing your signature!!!!!!!! All I have to say is GO DO IT!!!!!!!”


Mrs Julie Hanson

“Very efficient, professional service, the team have ensured that I have been kept informed of any updates every step of the way. I am really grateful for their support.”


Mrs Katie Cox

“Very happy with the service. Excellent communication updates via text and email which suited me. Thank you.”


Mrs Diana Butchers

“Thank you for dealing with my claim it was very easy to use your services.”


Mr Euan & Mrs Karen Robertson

“Very efficient company. Always keep you informed, with a friendly and easy to use service.”


Miss Vanessa Douglas

“I really thought nothing was going to come out of this claim, so was really surprised when I got a settlement. The PPI team was so helpful considering I only had limited information, as it was a few years ago. The best thing I liked was how the PPI team kept me up to date on how the claim was going. Thank you PPI.”


Mr Geoffrey Poel

“Many thanks for the service you did for me I was only expecting possibly £200+ very pleased with the amount you managed to claim. The way with which you kept me informed and the manner of any correspondence via the telephone was excellent Once again many thanks.”


Ms Patricia Cassey

“Very grateful to your team for the help I received. Would recommend your service to anyone thanks for recovering money I did not know was due to me.”


Miss Lamis AL-Shabibi

“Thank you very much for your honestly service. It’s quick, fast and great experience from PPI team. I would like to say in this opportunity many thanks to great efforts who help me from PPI team to get my refund back without them I will not have the money back.”


Mr Richard Yusuf

“Very effective and didn’t have to get involved really. Just a nice surprise when the money appeared in my account! Brilliant.”


Mr Gary Wilson

“Happy to recommend the PPI Team if you feel you have anything to claim. Nothing awarded as yet but remain hopeful on other claims they are dealing with for my wife and I. Always at the end of the phone should you have any queries, so you simply sign the forms they send and the rest is left to them. Couldn’t be easier.”


Mrs Vivienne Watkins

“Although I had no PPI to claim back, I would just like to thank the team for all their efforts on my claim investigation, you were both professional and extremely helpful throughout the whole process, and would certainly recommend the PPI team to anyone!!”


Mr Terence Little

“Excellent service informed me about progress with my claim, no paperwork just signature, very satisfied with service.”


Miss Nada Akhrass

“I ignored your calls for months because I did not think that this kind of thing applied to me. Then I decided one day to find out why you were persisting and agreed to let you investigate whether any money was owed to me. The whole process was made quite simple for me and I was kept informed every step of the way. In the end I was pleasantly surprised to receive a nice sum of money and am grateful for the PPI team for that.”


Mrs Louise & Mr Paul Walker

“Thank you for the input into our claim. No PPI awarded but all We had to do was sign the paperwork and your team did the investigating. All staff polite when talking on the phone thanks for all of your efforts.”


Mr Granville Mills

“Thank you for successfully claiming back over £5,000. It was money I would have never of had, saw or realised was mine without your help. Very easy process and a quick result. Thank you once again.”


Mr David Kerr

“Very helpful, professional and quick. They helped me to claim back approx. £11,500. Fantastic service. Many Thanks.”


Mr Michael Perryment

“I am more than happy to give some Positive Feedback to the PPI team who took up my case on my behalf to win back the money that had been taken from me, by these big corporate banks, illegally. I had nothing to lose and it was a complete Win, Win situation for me. The “PPI Team” did the job they promised they would do, at NO cost to myself. Therefore I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, even if it amounted to just several hundred pounds. Again I had nothing to lose, and the PPI Team assured me that it would cost me nothing, and if they won my money back for me from the banks that stole it, I would have gladly paid them their deserved commission for taking up my case and trying to retrieve all my money back the banks had stolen from me, over a period of 10 years and longer. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the PPI Team who did all they could to get me back the money taken by the banks. I would say to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation as I did. Please put your Faith and Trust in the PPI Team in securing back for you all the money that is owed to you by the banks who have stolen it. The “PPI Team” are on your side, and you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So I send to the PPI team my Thanks and Admiration for taking the time and effort in trying to obtain all that was owed to me by these unscrupulous banks.”


Miss Caroline Pike

“The PPI team were very efficient from start to finish. I was kept informed of progress at every stage of the process and team members were very helpful with any queries. Highly recommend.”


Mrs Jacqueline Webb

“Very helpful and efficient. Always at the end of the telephone to deal with any queries.”


Mr Arthur Bridges

“Simple and straightforward, well worth the minimal effort I put in, Thank you.”


Mr Nicholas Houghton

“Thank you to the PPI Team for a very professional service. I did not think I was due any PPI, but it just goes to show you should always have it checked out. Thank you again.”


Mr Ian & Mrs Maria Williams

“Thank you for dealing with our PPI claims. We found your staff informative and helpful at all times and we were kept informed of developments constantly by mail and text. Thank you.”


Mr Trygvy & Mrs Rosemary Jane Harianto

“I am very grateful that the PPI team trying to claim on behalf of me and my wife. I found your team to be very professional and the work is very prompt, even un till now we have not receive any money yet. I am very grateful for your help.”


Mr Michael Haszko

“I thought the PPI team were very efficient in reclaiming money for me which had been inappropriately collected from me. They acted professionally at all times.”


Miss Anita Shepherd

“A great experience very professional & quick.”


Mrs Sandra Wright

“Very easy system to use, all I had to do was sign on the dotted line and you did the rest – what could be easier.”


Mr Robert Harrison

“Many thanks to the professional PPI team. So far they have recovered over £3,500 for me and counting! Can’t fault them or thank them enough. I am a 100% satisfied customer.”


Mr David Hurst

“Although the PPI claim was unsuccessful on this occasion, I would like to thank the PPI Team for an efficient investigation into my case and for keeping me up to date on the progress of the case.”


Mrs Alyson Hurst

“Thank you for your efforts in trying to claim back any PPI that I may have been entitled to. Although there is no entitlement on this occasion I am very satisfied on the efficient and prompt service provided by the PPI Team.”


Miss Parvina Mammadova

“Thank you for helping me get my money back from Lloyds bank. I found the staff who was dealing with my case on the phone very polite and professional at all times. Hope you keep on doing a great job helping people like myself. Well done, guys!”


Mr John Campbell

“Very good service thanks.”


Mr Garry & Mrs Angela Parkinson

“Service was excellent recommend it to anyone cheers again Gary and Angie Parkinson.”


Mr Allen Waugh



Mr Philip Price

“I would just like to say a big thank you to the PPI Team for the help they gave to reclaim over £4000. It was easy, just fill in the forms and sign. That’s it. A big thanks again. And I would happily recommend The PPI TEAM to anybody.”


Mr Samuel Hill

“Thanks for settling my claim. Didn’t expect a result but you came up trumps. Well done.”


Mr Bernard Berger

“Thank you for working on my PPI, I am pleased at the way you have worked, and would recommend your company.”


Mr David Addis

“Thank you again for all your work on my behalf. I appreciate your efforts and politeness from your staff.”


Mr Stuart Quick

“I am happy with the service provided by the PPI team.”


Mr Victor Copas

“Thanks to the PPI Team for recovering my money. After dozens of cold calls from numerous PPI claim chasers I’m glad I let the PPI Team do all the hard work for me. Hoping for a successful resolution of another claim they are looking into for me at present. Their service has been efficient and polite, keeping me informed of my claim’s progress.”


Mr John Hipkiss

“Although there was no PPI on my claim I was impressed by the professional response at the end of the service and would happily recommend the PPI team.”


Mr John Kynnersley

“Thank you for confirming no PPI on my account. Your service was very prompt and efficient and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends to act for them.”


Mrs Deborah Lee

“Because my loan agreement was taken out so long ago I did not think I could make a claim, PPI Team did all the hard work so I did not have to.”


Mrs Jean Haslam

“Thank you for all your help. Although there was no PPI on this claim. Your team were very helpful and courteous. Will definitely recommend your team.”


Mr Roy Gill & Mrs Valerie Gill

“We would like to say a big thank you for all the work you carried out on our behalf. We found your service to be courteous and efficient and would not hesitate to recommend you.”