What our customers say

We love to receive feedback from our customers. Here is some of the feedback we have recently received. If you would like to give us some feedback, please email us at feedback@theppiteam.com and state that you are happy for us to publish your feedback on our website.

*All amounts quoted are prior to any deduction of applicable taxes and fees and may be for multiple claims combined.

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Mrs Faye Watson

“This service is so easy! I completed the relevant forms and The PPI Team did the rest! I have received money back already that I would not have pursued myself. Very happy! Thank you.”

18th December 2017 & 4th January 2018 & 18th January 2018


Mrs Valerie Gamble

“Having given short change to many a PPI phone call, I was pleasantly surprised by the gentleman who contacted me last year. Patient and not pushy, so I relented and said send me the forms which were extremely easy to complete. And wow! What a result! Thank you so much to the whole team who have been in constant contact, you have made a real difference to my life.”

6th December 2017 & 11th January 2018 & 15th January 2018


Mrs Sarah Clay

“I would just like to say that it was so easy, never thought I would get anything back from it. The PPI Team did everything for me with no hassle. Kept in regular contact with updates. A big thank you to you all.”

11th December 2017


Mr Brian Forster

“Excellent hassle free service. Never thought I had PPI but these guys are thorough! Easy to understand forms and excellent guidance through the process.”

23rd November 2017


Mr Leonardo Colucci

“So easy! I just filled in a consent form and waited. The PPI Team did the rest. If like me you don’t have the time to make a claim, using the PPI team is a no brainer.”

20th October 2017


Mrs Judith Lickley

“Thanks to The PPI Team for a very professional and efficient service in recovering a substantial amount of money for me. I was one of those people who kept putting off making a claim because I thought it would be a lot of hassle. The PPI Team take all that hassle away and make the process very simple. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

2nd October 2017


Mr John Norman & Mrs Karen Jayne White

“We can report that the service provided by The PPI Team to be prompt, responsive and courteous in all aspects. We would certainly recommend them to others as an agency for undertaking this type of work.”

15th October 2017


Mrs Pamela Bremner

“Claiming through The PPI Team has been so easy. Completed the forms as requested and they did the rest. This came at a very busy stressful time for me, so for them to deal with it was greatly appreciated. So far I’ve gained back thousands and they are still trying for more. Just perfect and always friendly to deal with. Would recommend.”

14th September 2017


Mr David Champion

“The service is excellent and I was particularly impressed with claims you have successfully won and historical claims that had previously been declined. I like the way you just get on with it and I haven’t had to do a thing! Just watch my account grow. All round great service! ”

1st September 2017


Mrs Lorraine & Mr Peter Barraclough

“I must admit I never thought that you would get me any money back from a PPI claim that was over 10 year old, pleasantly surprised when you did, this money will come in handy for Christmas many thanks to all who dealt with my claim.”

18th August 2017


Mrs Gillian Christmas & Mr Paul Christmas

“We’ve found the service from The PPI Team very satisfying. They have conducted the inquiries on our behalf with little time or effort required by us, which is great as we are busy people. We were delighted to receive compensation from one of our policies and The PPI team have kept us updated at all times by text and e-mail. Great service!”

28th June 2017


Mrs Celia Mitchell

“I would like to thank The PPI team for the professional service they provide. Simple forms to fill in and constant updates on progress all of which makes for a very easy claims process.”


Mrs Susan Laville

“I would like to thank all the team for the recovery of my money due to myself which is in excess of £8000.00. You provided a speedy and pain free response to my original query and I am extremely grateful to all concerned. Keep up the good work and once again thank you.”


Mr Stephen Hugh Brodie

“Excellent service with remarkable results. I very much doubt I would have achieved anything like the payment I did without such good help!”


Mrs Laura Anne Teasdale

“Really appreciate The PPI teams work! I too was under an illusion that this claim lark would be difficult and that it would take a large proportion of my time. However what a great team The PPI team are. Non hassling but communicative and informative and helpful. Respectful of times to call me too. Happy with the outcome, successful claim!”


Mr Lee John Stratford

“Found the service second to none, kept me informed every step of the way, easy to follow paperwork, speedy service and so far to date have recovered 3 PPI claims when other companies have failed. Thanks for the excellent service and speedy recovery of my money.”


Mrs Jillian Nicholson

“Would like to thank you for claiming the money back for me. At first I was a bit unsure as I didn’t want loads of paperwork and question been asked, but I can honestly say it’s not the case. Can’t believe if I had said no when you rang I wouldn’t have a nice bank balance now. Thank you again.”


Mr Michael Donald Brown

“For years I thought that trying to get back any PPI owed to me would be an onerous and time consuming task, so I didn’t bother. Deciding to let the PPI Team do all the hard work for me has paid dividends, literally! Thank you for being so helpful and thorough.”


Mrs Rosemary McCullough

“Genuinely amazed at how easy the whole process was. Thank you for my trip to Canada!”


Mrs Joanne Mapplebeck

“I have been very sceptical about PPI claims companies in the past but something about The PPI Team put me at ease and I felt confident in their ability to deal with my claim. They are extremely easy to deal with, keeping me updated at all times on the progress of my claim. I was very surprised to find that we were able to claim back such a large amount of money. I would happily recommend The PPI Team to anyone who hasn’t yet made a claim.”


Mrs Carmen Addiline Graham

“I just want to thank The PPI Team for all their hard work and helping me to get back my money. They were very quick and reliable. Effect polite staffing. Get the job done thanks!”


Mr William Martin

“Thank you for your committed work in retrieving my PPI claim. You were very efficient and professional but also very easy to communicate with. You kept me up to date at all times and I had to do was give you a few details. I highly recommend you to anyone unsure of how to claim.”


Mrs Mary Skipper

“I would like to thank you very much for getting me back my PPI and for doing it so quickly! I have told my friends about you.”


Mrs Nicola Liza Bryant

“Thank you for your efficient service! I was kept informed at all points of the process and I received my money promptly.”


Ms Maureen Linton

“I am very happy with the PPI refund. I did not think I had any to collect but they proved me wrong. Kept me informed on a regular basis and were very efficient. Have recommended them to a few friends.”


Ms Diane Carlo

“Just a few words to say thank you so much for your service. Without your help I would have been in such a tizzy as to know what to do. You team did all the work for me, were always polite, professional and kept me informed as to what was happening. The processes were easy to understand and follow and if I did get stuck there was always someone there to help out. As a retired teacher it has been great to have an extra bonus and I think a newer car is going to come in handy. Thanks once again!”


Mrs Heulwen Hughes

“I would highly recommend your company to others. The team were not pushy in any way but extremely helpful. The process was simple despite our limited recollection of details and dates. Thank you so much to The PPI Team!”


Mr Paul Siddall

“Yet again the PPI Team came though! I managed to get back cash that I never thought I would be able to. The PPI Team always kept me up-to-date and offered help as and when needed. They took away the hassle of the investigating and the groundwork needed for all my claims. I’m very happy with the results!”


Mrs Jillian Nicholson

“After numerous calls regarding PPI I finally gave in to your company I am so pleased that I did! I didn’t think that I would get any money from the claims but you have successfully got me approx £1000. What I do like about your company after signing the forms at the beginning there has been no hassle you have dealt with it all! Thank you.”


Mr Carl Mavers

“After some considerable years of dodging these phone calls I finally gave in to a very polite young lady on the phone to me. I basically told her there was no point in trying because my bank wrote back to me about 8 years ago saying I wasn’t entitled to anything. So I said if you want to try then go for it. Not even 6 weeks later I had a tidy sum go straight into my bank account. Obviously there are fees & vat to come off but hey if I never would have spoken to the nice lady on the phone at first then I would not have had this tidy sum. You wont believe how much this has helped me financially. If I knew the lady’s name who first contacted me I would send her a big bunch of flowers.”


Mr Gordon Telford

“Recently I made a claim for a refund of PPI, using The PPI team service. I am pleased to say they were successful in awarding me sum of £3,576, for which I am extremely grateful and would recommend their service to any future customers.”


Mrs Vicki Lowen

“I found your company professional and effective. You needed to gain information but you were not intrusive! You just firmly requested information which always indicated that you were working on my behalf and to my benefit. You were clear as to what was going on and came up with results. All correspondence was of a high standard and I would certainly recommend your services. Thank you very much for your efforts, consistent professionalism and the standards you project.”


Mr Stephen Thorne

“When I received the phone call from The PPI Team I was convinced that they would not be able to get any money back for me as I had already used a different company a few years ago to claim PPI back. However, I was proved wrong and they managed to get some more money back for me with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency. Thanks very much guys I would recommend you to anyone in a similar situation!”


Mr Derek Murton

“The PPI Team were great! I was very surprised in regards to the money they got back for us. Believe me they mean what they say and they do it!”


Mrs Lyn Mari Hynes

“I am impressed with the service the PPI team give. I have received regular updates via text, which I appreciated as this is my preferred method of communication. I am still waiting to hear about an ongoing investigation with another bank but am very happy with the advice offered so far.”


Mrs Angela Biddlecombe

“Thank you for all you have done to recover the PPI money due to me. It was so simple on my part, and you kept me informed on the progress you were making. I had been approached by other companies but declined them as I thought I would not be entitled to anything. You fought all the way for me. A huge thank you to all the team.”


Mr Charles Fraser

“My unreserved thanks to you for patiently explaining the situation, and convincing me to allow you to act on my behalf, successfully gaining me substantial refunds, even though I’d made use of the insurance facilities before, and didn’t feel I had grounds for a complaint.”


Mrs Miriam Overy

“Thank you for the PPI settlements you have achieved for me! Your service has been totally painless for me and you have managed to claim back money which I thought was totally lost. Your company is efficient and your colleagues are always helpful, very polite and accommodating, always keeping you up to date with details of the progress and making all the claims on your behalf. I am happy to recommend The PPI Team to others.”


Mr John Robert Gilstin

“More than happy with the PPI team and was amazed at how little fuss the whole process was from start to finish. I never thought for a moment that they would be able to win my claim as I had so little information to give them to work with. A job well done!”


Mr Brian Mcguinness

“I would like to thank The PPI Team they did a fantastic job of getting me PPI back. They just took some details from me, kept me informed where they were up to, then hey presto money in my account. Thank you for your sorting this for me”


Ms Samantha Anne Jaggard

“So far, everyone that I have spoken to has been very helpful, happy and friendly. For me it has been a fast, effective and hassle free way of claiming back my PPI. Plain talking and every step of the process has been very easy to understand. I would, and already have recommended your services to other people. One person which you are already starting to help. Thank you for all your help so far. And fingers crossed we have further positive outcomes on the other Pending claims.”


Mrs Michelle Louise Turner

“I am very happy with the work The PPI team have done for me so far. They have been very efficient with getting paperwork to me and with any help I needed filling in anything. They couldn’t have been anymore helpful. They are always polite & friendly and I would definitely recommend them to friends & family.”


Ms Monique Lea Eggett

“Great service! Was fast and always kept me well informed on what was going on with my claims. I would not have received anything without the PPI Team as I was adamant I had not signed up for it. It pays to let The PPI Team check this out for you as I have found out!”


Mr Collin Holland

“Absolutely delighted that The PPI Team arranged the settlement for me! I had no idea that I would have any claim at all. They sorted it all out for me and stayed with me for a successful outcome.”


Mrs Pamela Hull

“Many thanks for getting my PPI refund from Capital One. I had not planned on applying for a refund and I had become very impatient with constant phone calls about it. However when the man from your company called he had such a lovely pleasant attitude that I took the time to listen to what he had to say and decided I had nothing to lose. The whole process was easy and professional.”


Mr Norman James Bell

“Thank you for your professional, courteous and informative service. Every one that I have spoken to on the phone knew what they were talking about. Regarding my claims I was kept informed every step of the way either by text, email or phone and when my claim was won how everything was worked out to get to my final figure and the payment due to you was sent by letter. Everything was so simple!”


Mr Eric Smith

“Having used The PPI team for my claims I have been very happy of the outcome! I respect the work they have done and I would not have gone to such extremes as The PPI team have done and would never have received anything. Always kept informed as to progress and any outcome of any claim – well done!”


Miss Jacqueline Haughton

“I am so happy l chose The PPI Team! From start to finish they kept me informed throughout the whole process. A big thank you to all the team as l would not have had the time to do this myself! I would definitely recommend them!”


Mr Paul Siddall

“From the initial call asking if I’d had various accounts, etc. which could mean I could claim for PPI all through the process of form-filling and the help provided to actually getting a result for this first account the service has been excellent. I’ve had emails, texts, calls all the way to keep me informed and for updates to the information required for the on-going claim. Was very nice to get something back which I’d otherwise probably never have claimed, as I didn’t really know if I was eligible. It’s great that the PPI team do all that ‘donkey work’ for you; and I don’t begrudge them their fee at all. An excellent service all round! Here’s hoping for a similar result for the other claims they are still pursuing!”


Mr John Richard Talbot-bagnall

“Magnificent! Really professional yet still very friendly! Why did I not contact them before now?!”


Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Williams

“Sincere thanks to The PPI Team for your rapid & successful service! Having tried and failed myself I did not expect anything at all so your results were a very welcome surprise. Thank you again!”


Miss Judith Harrison

“Oh where do I start? Thank you just isn’t enough. Over the years I have had so many calls about PPI claims, all different people who although polite didn’t put my mind at rest regarding scams. Then a call from you kind people came through and a gentleman Dave Johnstone was so helpful and supportive without being pushy and for the first time I decided to apply. Imagine my joy when my claim was successful and I was so happy to settle my dues yesterday and to think that I could have missed out on something that was rightly mine. So I would again like to send out my gratitude for all that you do to help others.”


Miss Wendy Price

“I have had the fortune of receiving several sums of money from various accounts through the efforts of the team and the help of Lloyds TSB. I would recommend to others to contact the PPI team as without them I would not have been any the wiser and would not have had any success. Thank you for your efficiency and the regular contact.”


Mrs Erica Frost

“I would like to thank you for the superb service I received from your team. I was amazed how easy and straightforward it was. My result was outstanding! Thank you once again. I would recommend to anyone.”


Mr Ferdinand Kop

“I would like to thank the PPI Team for the professional service delivered to claim PPI money back which I had long given up on. The service was simple, efficient and clearly effective! I had tried two other times using other PPI services but only The PPI Team delivered!! Thank you very much. You will be recommended by me.”


Mrs Kelly O’donovan

“Every member of staff I have spoken to has been friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. A great service I just wouldn’t have the time to do for myself!”


Mr Stuart Giblin

“I’ve had others that failed and thought there’s nothing to lose in letting the PPI Team try and I’m so glad I did. They’ve done a great job in recovering my PPI from several accounts and kept me informed all along the way. These guys obviously know their stuff because they’ve succeeded where others have failed.”


Mrs Susan Jordan

“To all the team at PPI can I just say a massive thank you for getting so much money back for me! All your hard work paid off and I’m very much appreciated for all you have done. I will definitely recommend you. Thank you each and every one of you for being so professional and keeping me updated!”


Mr Stephen Dove

“The service and support I received was first class! I never knew that you could claim for PPI from years ago but the PPI team got in touch and the rest is history. They made it so simple and after signing only a couple of sheets of paper there was an offer in the post and money in my bank. I would advise anyone to use the PPI team. Thank you!”


Mrs Diane Smith

“Just to say a massive thank you to the PPI team for the excellent work in claiming back my PPI payment. The service was first class from start to finish with regular updates & correspondence. It was an unexpected result and I am over the moon with the final outcome!”


Mrs Valerie Williams

“Thank you very much for claiming back my PPI, it will make our Christmas so special this year. To be able to buy what the grandchildren wanted. It was done very quickly and wonderful service from all involved. Thank you!”


Mrs Margaret & Mr Geoffrey Gething

“We would just like to say a big thank you to the PPI Team for the excellent service we received during our claim which ended in a great result for us! The team were very polite and efficient whenever we had to contact them and it has only taken a few months from start to finish. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the PPI Team to anyone who was thinking of making a claim. Thank you once again!”


Mr Peter Davis

“I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the PPI team, for identifying that I was owed money I was unaware of. Not only did they identify this they also successfully negotiated a refund of £4,158.57. This has certainly ensured a very merry Christmas for myself and my family. The team were very polite and helpful at all times. Once again many thanks.”


Mr Ranjith Dassanayake

“Your service was recommended to me by a friend of mine. You were very prompt to act on and investigate my claims. Also told me the outcome one bank account within a week. Where as they took 3-4 weeks to check the PPI claim on my old account which I had in 1980s. Although there is no claim, your company worked on this jobs with the same enthusiasm right to the end. Thank you once again!”


Mr Leslie Goodfellow

“Well done PPI team. I had previously approached the Halifax myself and filled in all the forms but had no response. Your team successfully dealt with my claim and the process was quick and easy. When I needed to contact the team over the phone I was never kept waiting and the person I spoke to was friendly and helpful.
Many thanks for a five star service!”


Mr Alan Wightman

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to thank the PPI team for the courteous and efficient way that my claim was handled. I would not hesitate in recommending the PPI team to anyone who has previously been reluctant to start a claim. I am truly delighted with the result that the team obtained.”


Mrs Linda & Mr Raymond Lane

“Firstly I would like to thank the PPI team for trying to claim PPI for me, sadly I never had paid any. But the whole experience has been first class from start to finish, polite, knowledgeable and very informative. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to family/friends. Thank you all so much!”


Mrs Linda Josephine Connor

“Thank you very much for working on my behalf, you are by far the best, and most professional company that I have ever had any contact with. I was contacted throughout, and the end result was very quick. Thank you once again!”


Mrs Barbara Ann Van Doorn

“Just a quick note to thank all those who undertook checks for me regarding the mis-selling of PPI.The people I dealt with were very polite and courteous and kept me informed at all times.
I always thought that I wasn’t mis-sold PPI. I wasn’t 100% sure and thanks to the PPI team this worry has now been removed once and for all. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any of my family or friends.”


Mrs Clare Stevenson

“From start to finish the professional service was noticeable. Everything ran like clockwork and the funds were quickly transferred to my account. I’m so pleased at receiving my settlement and can’t thank the PPI team enough. So helpful, efficient and have full knowledge to answer any questions. Thank you very much indeed!”


Mr Stuart Guy

“Like many people I have received many phone calls from many different companies regarding claiming back any PPI that I may have paid. I chose to use The PPI Team because the member of staff I spoke to was very polite, courteous and knowledgeable about PPI in general and unlike the others confirmed that I would be told even if the claim was unsuccessful. Sadly it was confirmed that I have never paid PPI. Nevertheless, thanks The PPI Team!”


Mr Colin Wheeler

“I would just like to say thank you to the PPI team. I was originally told no claim forthcoming. PPI team took up my case a nice suprise a little while later. My advice give the PPI team a go.”


Mr Trevor Healey

“Thank you to the PPI team for the work they did on my claims. The outcome was negative and I really appreciate the time you have put into my claims. I was always informed by email and text, and your customer service was absolutely first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family.”


Ms Mary Syme

“Thank you so much for getting me the money! At first you were so persistent that I thought it was a hoax but now I praise you for everything. I have told some friends and my family as well! Keep up the good work and I will contact you if I need you. Much appreciated.”


Miss Michelle Hayton

“I had always (wrongly!) believed I had never had PPI on any loan or credit card. I had chased many a PPI company for contacting and hassling me in the past with their high-pressure ‘sales pitch’. However I have to say, something about the really nice guy I spoke to at ‘The PPI Team’ convinced me I had nothing to lose and the process was simple – and it was! I just signed the forms and sent them back – no-one chased me for further information and I received updates on progress – really easy and straight forward. I couldn’t believe it when they found I had had PPI! It wasn’t for a great deal of money, however given I signed some forms and posted them back, it’s a small fortune for the amount of effort I put in. Thanks to everyone at The PPI Team for your efforts in getting a successful claim! I’m absolutely delighted and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to friends and family!”


Mrs Samantha morris

“Hi, I would just like to say a huge thank you for getting me my PPI refund. And that I appreciate everything you did to re claim this money back for me.”


Ms Lynda Mawdsley

“To all the PPI people that searched my claim I want to say thank you for the work carried out and for keeping me updated at stages of the investigation. Although the out come was negative I am grateful and appreciate the amount of time put into dealing with my claim. You were courteous and polite and always available to answer any queries and questions.”


Mrs Dawn Freeman

“I would like to say thank you, to the PPI team for the work they did on my claims. I have been kept updated at every stage and found the whole process stress free. I was very sceptical about PPI companies before my experience with the PPI team. I would like to say that everything the person on the phone said to me on the initial call and all the paperwork that came through reassured me that this was not a rogue company. I would certainly recommend this company, they acted very professional and were excellent at updating me on each claim made. Thank you”


Mrs Felicity Emmerton

“I would like to say a very big thank you to the PPI team for successfully sorting out my claim. When I was first approached I admit that I was a little sceptical. However, throughout the process my dealings with the team were courteous and most efficient and I was filled with confidence. I would highly recommend you to my friends and family.”


Miss Sharon Murphy

“Really fantastic service, didn’t think I was owed any money as I had already claimed. They got me a few thousand pounds that I didn’t know about and all I had to do was answer a few questions about myself and they did the rest.”


Miss Debbie Dyson

“Just like to say a big thank you! You have been very cooperative and the communication has been very good. I would recommend you to my friends and colleagues once again thank you PPI team!”


Mr Olaniyi Akande

“You really have been extremely fantastic in all the claims you processed for me. I never had any idea I had that kind of money locked up in my credit cards and loans. You’ve been exceedingly efficient in all your communications with me. I’ve told lots of my friends about you and I’ll continue to introduce you to friends and families. Keep it up. Thank you!”


Ms Jennifer Smith

“The service was excellent. Thank you! I probably would never have looked into the PPI clams as I thought it was to much hassle. Thanks to you, all I had to do was answer a few questions sign a couple of forms and within a matter of weeks the money was in my account. Thanks again!”


Mrs Deirdre Goddard

“Thank you for the service you provided for me, although it was a small amount I know I wouldn’t of pursued it if it hadn’t been for your help. You just did it with no stress to me and no long paper work to worry about. Thank you! I would recommend that anyone who isn’t sure if they are entitled to anything, is to get in touch with the PPI Team. They take all the worry of it from you. Thank you everyone at PPI Team!”


Mrs Susan Andrews

“I am very happy with the way in which The PPI Team dealt with my claims. I have been very sceptical of using this type of service in the past but have found the team to be helpful and informative and left me with very little to do myself other than to sign a few forms. Some of my claims have been successful and some haven’t, but at least I now know where I stand. Thank you.”


Mr Robert Owens

“Thank you for your work on my claim. I have always been informed all through the procedure and although, no PPI was found you were polite and helpful throughout and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends.”


Mr Nicholas Mahoney

“The PPI team are the best company that I have ever had dealings with. Polite and efficient, the PPI team are the ultimate professionals. A fantastic company.”


Mrs Lucy Saunders

“The PPI team were very helpful from start to finish. I had updates all the time so I knew how my claim was going and who I had PPI with and who I did not. The staff were very professional and very polite every time they spoke to me and I would recommend them to my friends and family.”


Mrs Margaret Herbert

“A big thank you to the PPI team. I did have doubts about going ahead. However, they were very friendly and helpful and they kept me informed every step of the way. There is no way I would have received the amount I did had I gone ahead on my own. So once again, thank you very much.”


Mr Gavin Withers

“I spoke to a couple of companies about handling my PPI claim. The PPI Team were helpful, knowledgeable and friendly from the beginning. They made the process incredibly simple and have been a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much for all of your help PPI Team!”


Mr Nicholas Clive Mahoney

“Thank you very much for working on my behalf, you are by far the best, and most professional company that I have ever had any contact with. You are fantastic.”


Mr John Callcott

“We recently received a sum of money via this company for PPI. We had excellent service from beginning to end with all aspects of the work required carried out very professionally.Each member of staff who dealt with us was very helpful, friendly and kept us up to date regarding time frames and paperwork. My wife and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Company to other interested parties.”


Mr Paul Curran

“Many thanks indeed for your assistance and persistence in dealing with this matter. I have found your service to be professional throughout and understandably I am delighted with the PPI remuneration that I have received. I am extremely grateful to you for your help.”


Mrs Audrey Pirie

“The PPI team have been the most friendly and helpful of any PPI company who has approached me. Kept informed throughout with email and texts. As yet no PPI has come to light but they are still investigating lots of other companies. Would highly recommend as I would not have been bothered to do this myself.”


Mr Raymond Mayberry

“I have tried PPI claims with other companies, given my details and heard nothing. With the PPI team they were very pleasant and kept me informed throughout by email and text. Unfortunately my claim did not result in any payment but at least I know the result of the claim which I am thankful to the PPI team for this and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of making a claim!”

£3,632.47 & £671.69

Miss Elizabeth Rice

“Over the past few years, I have been inundated with telephone calls re “PPI” and to be honest, I ignored them. But there was something about the approach of this PPI Team that encouraged me to listen. Because I listened I am almost £3,500 better off. Throughout the process the team was unfailingly courteous and took time to explain each step. Thank you to the team. Carry on the good work!”


Mr Derek & Mrs Kathryn Duggan

“It is a pleasure to respond to your request for feedback as the service that I received was both courteous and of a high standard. Over the years I have been hounded by PPI people and have totally blanked them, but your initial call hit the right note with me in terms of delivery and content. After my agreeing to you taking up my claim the rest was so easy. The form filling was simple and straight forward following which it was just a matter of sitting back and waiting for the responses. I felt that I was kept in the loop at all times and the information that I was given in the initial telephone sales contact had not been exaggerated. Your service agents were excellent in providing clear information at each step of the process. I would certainly recommend the PPI Team to all.”


Mrs Ann Pettifer & Mr David Pettifer

“We have found the PPI Team very helpful as we, like a lot of others thought PPI was not for us. They have kept us up to date and informed all the way through. So far we have received no PPI but they are still working on our behalf and are confident that if we are due PPI they certainly are the people who will find it.”


Mrs Jean Lewin

“Thank you very much for all the help you have given us with our PPI claim. We are of an age where computers tend to be confusing to say the least and the help and support we received from you by telephone instead was greatly appreciated. You were with us all the way and we truly appreciate the time you gave to us.”


Mrs Carol Evans

“The process was very easy to get through with not many forms and very efficient people working on my behalf. Although I had no PPI to claim you kept me up to date every step of the way. I would definitely recommend you to someone if the need arises, thank you again!”


Mrs Victoria Austin

“Delighted with the service and outcome, the PPI team found funds another advanced charged PPI provider couldn’t. Many thanks!”


Ms Muriel Alcindor

“Thanks for your work in getting me my PPI. The bank had initially refused to pay but you advised me to refer the claim to the Financial Ombudsman. Had I done the claim myself, I think I would have given up at the first try. Thanks again for a successful conclusion.”


Mr Nicholas Herrtage

“To the PPI Team, I found your process very efficient and trouble free with a tremendous result. I was very impressed with the way you constantly updated me with the process, and as a consequence have recommended you to other colleagues.”


Mr Andrew Bromwich

“Efficient service without too many forms to fill in. I didn’t feel hassled at all, although I was regularly kept up to date with the process. Felt I was dealing with a professional company. Thanks!”


Mr Olaniyi Akande

“Honestly, the speed, accuracy and total devotion of the PPI team is comparable to none that I have experienced. The claim that was done for me came at a time that I needed the money most in my life time. Thank you PPI team. Keep the excellent performance on. I’m already advertising on your behalf!”


Mr Karl Blair

“Before asking you to try and obtain PPI refunds for me, I had tried on my own. Obviously not hard enough, as I got nowhere! I was very pleased that you managed to obtain refunds on my behalf!”

£2,127.76 & £8,593.34

Mr Graham Phillips

“Having thought that PPI was of no interest to me I was rather annoyed to get a call asking me to let the ‘PPI’ team have a crack at getting some money back. I was of course very confident that they would fail. But the failure would cost me nothing. So much for my ignorance and stupidity. The PPI team over 2 attempts have actually got me circa £10k on payments that I was convinced were nothing to do with PPI. Well done guys! You were absolutely correct, thank you!”


Miss Christine Hextall

“Every person I spoke to in the PPI team were very helpful and extremely polite. I was updated at all times. I would just like to say thank you!”


Miss Christine Hextall

“I have been very satisfied with the PPI team, they have been very efficient and have kept me informed all the way. I am so pleased that I recommended a friend!”


Mr Stephen Spedding

“I found the PPI team very professional and was very pleased with the outcome with our claim. The staff were extremely polite each time on the telephone and not pushy in any way. I would definitely recommend using The PPI Team. Some people may think the fee is high but when we actually asked our bank if we had a PPI claim they said no. So without their research and time which I imagine was a lot we would not have received what we did.”


Miss Gemma Ewan

“I really appreciate all the efforts you have put in to get my PPI refund. I have shunned previous PPI companies before as they harass you, but you really did all the work and the only thing I needed to do was sign some papers. I am now £1000 better off. Thank you very much!”


Mrs Sylvia Murray

“We would like to thank you very much for helping us to get our money back from Barclaycard. Without your help we would not have stood a chance. Thanks once again!”


Tina Waight

“I am very happy with the service you gave me. I just filled the form in and waited and that’s good for me. Now and again you send texts just to let us no things are moving along so we don’t have to worry about anything. Thank you for all your help in this matter .”


Mrs Sharon & Mr Damian Sheridan

“We are pleased with the service you have provided. Funds we had no idea we were due appeared miraculously in our bank account. We had no idea that the banks had taken PPI payments as we’d always ticked the no PPI on any loans that we had. But I suppose thats the whole point, these institutions added the PPI regardless of your requests! Well worth it and was no bother at all using The PPI Team, who have been efficient and helpful. Thank you.”


Mrs Lesley Mchenry

“Although I didn’t receive any PPI, the people I dealt with on the phone were courteous, professional and prompt in their dealings with my claim.”


Ms Sharon Boylett

“I have found the PPI team to be most helpful, always updating me promptly by text and achieved a refund in excess of my expectations.Thank you for your help!”


Mrs Lucy Shelton

“Thank you very much for being successful in claiming back my PPI money owed to me. Was a quick and speedy process, and all staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I will enjoy spending it! Thank you.”


Mr Alan Bullen

“I much appreciate the time and effort spent by the PPI Team in obtaining a refund from a bank I hadn’t realised I had been paying PPI on my payments. I was very surprised and pleased with the amount I had refunded. Well done and I will have no problems in recommending your services to any of my family and friends.”


Miss Claire Walker

“Thank you for your fast, efficient and friendly service. I have now fully completed my claim and received payment. Due to the way in which you worked I recommend you to numerous friends who are now also having claims dealt with by you.”


Mr Kevin Maggs

“It was great dealing with the PPI team, I simply had to sign four forms and they took care of everything! A pleasure to deal with through the whole process!”


Mrs Janet Wilson

“Efficient quick service without too many forms to fill in. I know that I have never agreed to PPI, but when other companies have discovered I didn’t have any they have never replied to me. You have at least concluded the business!”


Mr John Gate

“Great service and very friendly team who made the claim effortless for me. I gave them basic information and they did everything else.”


Mr Paul Bailey

“Thanks very much for your efficient and professional service. I appreciated being kept informed at every stage.”


Mr James Handy

“Firstly, thank you! I have had very bad times with other things companies but your service has been fast, efficient, very communicative and bang on point. You have also managed to get me a few pounds to spend as well.”


Mr Kevin Lindow

“I found that the PPI team dealing with my claim, extremely efficient, respectful in every way and the service and level of competence second to none! I would like to thank every member of the company for a super service and easy uncomplicated transaction.”


Mr Vijay Nodiyal

“I would like to thank the PPI team for the very fast and efficient way they handled getting back my PPI that I was mis-sold. Very good communication through the whole process and would recommend. Once again many thanks PPI team.”


Mr John & Mrs Elizabeth Gilmour

“Please note the advice, support and guidance which we have received has been second to none. I would highly recommend anyone to speak to you as the service which we have been given is first class.”


Mrs Anna & Mr Michael Burton

“Excellent, prompt service, easy to use and understand. Thanks for keeping us up to date with how the claim was progressing.”


Ms Susan Rhodes

“I would like to thank the PPI team for dealing with my claims of which there was no difficult forms to fill in, no hassle and every thing was very straight forward as they dealt with it quite quickly. Would recommend this firm to anyone for quick service and response. Thank you!”


Mr Paul Mallett

“I would like to thank the PPI team for the very fast and efficient way they handled getting back my PPI that I was mis-sold. Very good communication through the whole process and would recommend them before the deadline day is set. Once again many thanks PPI team.”


Mr Graham Griffith

“Thank you for your prompt first class service, you kept me informed with how my claim was progressing. I would recommend your service to others.”


Mrs Christine Bradley

“First class service. Kept me up to date with what was going on.”


Mr James Michael Rogers

“Thank you for your prompt & efficient service first class. I would recommend your company to any one.”


Mr Henry Quayle

“We never thought we had PPI as my wife’s job is secure income so we would never knowingly have paid it. We refused sales staff trying to claim PPI on our behalf until my wife was persuaded by the PPI team. We were hoping to show the PPI team we had never been duped into paying it. I am pleased to say the PPI team found that we had paid it and as a result we were awarded about £600. This was fantastic! The PPI team assisted us at all stages they were really helpful throughout the process. Thank you.”


Mrs Judith Mcintyre

“Very friendly team, everything made so simple and a successful, quick claim back. Thank you so much to everyone.”


Miss Nicola Laura Odeku

“Very professional and easy to contact and converse with. Thank you for your services!”


Ms Kerrie Barry

“After months of thinking ‘Shall we bother chasing our old credit cards’ the PPI team made it all worth while. A couple of signatures from us and the team done all the work! Many thanks.”


Mrs Teresa Farrant

“The PPI Team have been very helpful and kept me up to date with what was happening with my claim. Very happy with the service and would recommend.”


Mr James West

“I would like to thank you all for all of the help that you have provided me in recovering my PPI claim I found all staff to be extremely helpful courteous and very informed.”


Mrs Lorna & Mr El-nathan D’laryea

“Excellent and prompt assessment with a very professional and polite approach. Thank you.”


Miss Victoria Morgan

“The process was clearly explained and the staff were polite and very helpful thank you.”


Mr Christopher Bates

“I have been very impressed by the level of communication received from yourselves. At all times I have been kept up to date with what is happening and the results of your enquirers. Many thanks for what you have done so far.”


Mrs Cathy Mannix

“I found the experience of dealing with the PPI team a very happy, easy and stress free time. All the staff we talked to was very helpful and polite. Many thanks!”


Mr Paul & Mrs Shelley Standing

“The PPI team is a very quick and simple process, they do it all for you and simply text you back the result of their findings. All I needed to do was sign the documents that they posted me and they done the rest for me.”


Mrs Sandra Chetwood

“Very easy friendly service and was nice to have the follow up call to let me know the outcome. Thank you for your assistance.”


Mr Gary Clark

“Excellent professional service. Thank you very much.”


Mrs Sandra Brace

“Like many “non finance savvy” people, I was reluctant to get involved with applying for PPI. As a recent Widow, I had shredded all our old paperwork from years past, when I downsized and had no records, this made me think that I would not be able to give all the information required for the task. I was eventually persuaded by my family to try and they gave me your telephone number.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the minimal amount of detail that you required and then amazed at the amount of PPI that you have obtained for me. I originally thought that PPI firms would take a lot of the money recovered, but for the amount of work you have put in on my behalf, your fees have been proportionate and acceptable. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

Thank you very much for all your help.”


Mr William Vernon Lightbody

“Very good service and prompt without hassle.”


Ms Sharon Boylett

“I have found the PPI team very efficient and excellent at keeping me informed of all progress by text and e-mail, Thank you.”


Mr Paul Green

“Thank you for a very professional service. Throughout the process I have been kept up to date on your progress and informed whenever there has been any development.”


Mrs Anne Marie Almond

“Great communication, got PPI I didn’t know about, going to enjoy spending the money, thanks to a great team.”


Mrs Anne King

“Excellent professional service. Thank you very much.”


Mr Damon Rowley

“Very more speed with the speedy service and the simple claims procedure. Was recommended to use the PPI Team by a friend and am very happy I took their advice.”


Mr Mark Anderson

“Just like to say a big thank you for helping me out and keeping me informed, very professional. Keep up the good work.”


Mr Neil Lawson

“I wish to compliment the PPI team on the service they have given me in claiming back PPI. First of all, let me say that I was utterly convinced that I had never paid a penny in PPI. I had always told banks and building societies that I had no need of such insurance. What I did not realise is that when I had credit cards earlier in my life and did not always pay them off at the end of each month, I was paying their insurance without being given a choice. The PPI team persuaded me, against my better judgement, to sign a few forms and let them look into the matter for me. It was a very simple process. Within a few weeks they were able to confirm that I had not paid PPI on any bank loans. I expected to hear no more. Then, a couple of months ago, they found I had paid PPI on a credit card many years ago. I was owed thousands of pounds! Thank you PPI team.

If you have not yet made a claim I recommend you do so. The PPI team will make the process very easy, will keep you informed at regular but not intrusive intervals and may get you a substantial amount of money you did not realise you were owed.”


Mr Edmund & Mrs Seema Raymond

“This is to say thanks for the service even though there was No PPI but the service was excellent and so easy. Busy people like us should use your service which requires very little of our time and you do all the work. It was very straight forward with the forms sent by the PPI team almost everything pre filled and all we had to do was sign put it in the return pre-paid envelops and send back. Then with a few days we have been kept informed of each result. Thanks once again brilliant service.”


Mr John & Mrs Elizabeth Gilmour

“Regards to the service which has been provided we are very happy with everything.”


Miss Elayne Honeyball

“Although it was established I had no PPI, the service offered was excellent, very thorough without being obtrusive.”


Mrs Rosalyn Beak

“I was very pleased with the PPI team, they kept me up to date constantly vie text and email. When I was first called there was no pushing to do it and it was all explained to me. All I had to do was tick a couple of the pages and sign the paperwork, all the sorting and completing was filled in by the PPI team. I have one set come back to me and been told there is another one that has agreed that I paid PPI and shouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have had the time to do myself and probably wouldn’t have bothered thank you team.”


Mr Colin & Mrs Christine Chubb

“Thank you for your first class service, and keeping me informed at all times.”


Mr Alan Stockley

“No PPI but excellent service and the team kept me well informed.”


Mrs Paula & Mr Henry Quayle

“I didn’t think I would have had any PPI and to be honest the amount wont be changing our lives however from the initial call to the end result the PPI team were great. They were very professional, pleasant and nothing was too much trouble. Everything was fully explained to me before I signed anything and getting my husband to sign the forms was the hardest thing I had to do.”


Mr Simon Manning

“The PPI team were very helpful and made the process very easy. Nothing to loose and everything to gain. Thank you”


Mrs Elaine Brewster

“The company acted efficiently and quickly, and although no PPI was traced on my claim, I would recommend them.”


Mr Philip Hobson

“Thank you very much for your service, in getting me money that I did not know was owed to me, from various companies.”


Miss Estelle Williams

“The service from the PPI team was first class.”


Miss Alison Armstrong

“Very pleased with the service received. Had nearly £5000 paid back to me from 3 separate claims…..highly recommend The PPI Team!!!”


Mrs Lisa & Mr Adrian Hill

“I usually ignore cold callers but the gentleman who rang was very polite and not at all pushy. He explained quickly why he was calling and allowed me to ask many questions. Even though no PPI was traced I thought the process was executed correctly.”


Mr Keith Ward

“Although we didn’t have any PPI the service we received was good. Quick and thorough. Thanks.”


Mr Nigel Alexander

“I was very pleased with the PPI team for the communication throughout my claim, I had text messages and emails to keep me informed how the claim was going, I would recommend using them as they do all the hard work for you, thank you.”


Mr Robert Green

“I have been very pleased with the service. The team keep me updated at every point of the process, I was not sure if I had a claim at first but I had and was subsequently reimburse. Well done to the team.”


Mr Phillip King

“Thank you so much for the hard work you did on my behalf, such a hassle free service. I loved the fact you kept me informed by text about what was happening during my claim and the fact I could leave it to a professional company to do all the hard work for a small fee of only 29%.”


Ms Sarah Beall

“I have found the service quick and efficient. The PPI Team have kept me up to date at all times on the progress of my claims and have been successful with one of them. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to find out if they are owed PPI.”


Mr Brian France

“I wasn’t really sure if PPI was applicable to me until I spoke with the PPI Team. Everything was fully explained to me before I signed anything and signing the forms has been the hardest thing I had to do. They have been very professional with all correspondence, also amazingly fast in getting the best results for me. I have already received payments and I am still awaiting the outcome of other claims the PPI Team are investigating. I have already advised friends and family to contact the PPI Team. Thank you very much.”


Mrs Ann & Mr Philip Berry

“We are very pleased with the service the team has provided for us. Very efficient and quick response. We did not have PPI on this claim but are awaiting an outcome on a number of others.”


Mr Colin Chubb

“First class service, kept informed at all times. Thank you.”


Mrs Cherrie Pinner

“Very quick service with no typical sales call to start with. Straight down the line, told as it was and ended up with a great results. We was that impressed we have recommended the PPI Team to our friends!.”


Mrs Pamela & Mr Stephen Spedding

“Very happy with service no complaints, whoever I have spoke with from your team have always been extremely polite and professional. Would recommend.”


Mr Charles Mcintosh

“Thank you for your assistance, I found your service excellent and trouble free. I am not surprised at the outcome as I did not expect to hear anything to the contrary. once again many thanks.”


Mrs Sofia Reid

“Really easy to use, friendly & great communication! Would definitely recommend.”


Mrs Paula Holliman

“Really happy with the PPI team. Worked very quick to get results.”


Mrs Sandra Dorosz

“I would like to thank the PPI team for dealing with my case. It was so easy, I just signed a couple of forms and they did all the work. I was kept informed by text so no annoying phone calls. Great result!!!”


Ms Karen Goodall

“The PPI team were always on hand to help with any query. It only took a few minutes to fill in the forms and in less than a few months to receive my claim. Would highly recommend them.”


Mr David Barton

“I would like to thank all the PPI team for getting me my money back. I would recommend them to everybody who are trying to get there money back. 10 out 10. Thanks once again.”


Mr Keith Drake

“I would just like to thank the PPI team for the amount recovered so far, over £3000, with a few claims still outstanding. They have always kept me up to date on what is happening and the amount they charge is well worth the hassle free service they offer. Well done and thank you.”


Mr John & Mrs Beverly Day

“Thank you for checking if I paid any PPI on my mortgage, as you have informed me I did not. I was pleased with the way you handled it, no fuss, no pressure and true to your word. Once again many thanks.”


Mr Barry Cowler

“Very good service and would definitely recommend to anyone.”


Mr Peter Revell

“I would like to say how pleased I was with the way you dealt with my case it was very efficient. I would certainly use you again if I needed to and I would certainly recommend you to other people.”


Mrs Yola Hall Timothy

“I am pleased to say that I was very impressed and happy with the work undertaken on my behalf by the PPI team. They were efficient and was eager to help. Thank you!”


Mr Stuart Robson

“I have found your service very professional at all times and without your help none of the PPI issues would have come to fruition so once again many thanks to you all.”


Mrs Kay Rottier

“Thank you so much for your work on my behalf and the great communication you gave informing me of what was going on, it is really appreciated.”


Mrs Zuzana Kasubova

“Thank you very much the PPI team. Very surprised with your quick job and results. Very professional, like the way you keep in touch not only through the phone but through the SMS, an emails too.”


Miss Jenny Frost

“Really easy to use, didn’t have to do much; just sign some forms. No hassle, no one chasing me every 5 minutes for more information. Really straight forward.”

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