Make a PPI Claim

How to claim your PPI back

Claiming back your mis-sold PPI with The PPI team is easy, to get started you can:

Call us on
0800 849 8060
and speak to a
claims expert


Start right now by downloading and completing the claims form

The PPI Claims Process – 1 form and we handle the rest!

1 – You complete the claims form

You receive your claim(s) documentation from us, check all details are correct, highlight why you feel you were mis-sold your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), sign and date and return back to us as quickly as possible.

You can start your claim for PPI online by downloading the form at the top of this page, if you are not ready to get started yet you can speak to one of our claims experts or find all the answers you need on our what is payment protection insurance frequently asked questions page.

2 – Our experts assess your claim

Our Claims Experts will analyse and assess your claim and should we feel you may have been mis-sold PPI from the information you have provided us, we will then make direct contact with your lender(s) and present your claim(s) to them in a thorough and professional way.

In the majority of cases it is possible to reclaim PPI and if you are unsure about if you have a valid claim on your credit card, mortgage or loan payment protection insurance the best thing to do is contact us.

3 – We talk to your lender

We take on all communication with your lender(s) with reference to your claim(s) and ensure the lender(s) meet the required time scales throughout every stage of the process in order to bring your claim(s) to a satisfactory end.

4 – We keep you up to date

We provide you with contant updates with regards to the progress of your claim(s), and provide you with contact details should you have any questions along the process.

5 – We handle any appeals

We handle the entire appeal processes should your claim(s) be rejected by your lender(s) with the relevant governing bodies relating to your claim(s) and ensure that all documentation is presented to them.

6 – You get your money back!

We will endeavour to get this money back to you in the quickest possible time scales while maintaining the highest levels of service to you.