Lloyds staff told PPI complainants will “give up first time”

A recent undercover investigation by The Times has revealed several dubious practices in operation at one of Lloyds TSB’s complaint handling centres.

Staff at the centre were advised to turn a blind-eye to mis-selling by salesmen, even when fraud was evident, in the handling of certain complaints. They were also told that most complainants would give up on their PPI claim if rejected the first time.

Lloyds response

In response to the investigation, Lloyds have claimed that the centre, operated by accountancy firm Deloitte, was already been looked at internally prior to the time the undercover reporter was there.

They have recently terminated their contract with Deloitte, who also run similar operations for Barclays, and have stated that the incidents are ‘isolated’ and not a reflection of practice at their other centres.

Barriers to claiming PPI compensation

Despite this, the investigation still strongly suggests that banks are unwilling to pay out PPI compensation unless they really need to.

As the first bank to publicly state they would pay compensation for mis-sold policies and also the bank who have paid out the most by a long way so far (£4.3bn to 1.3 million customers at last count), it is perhaps not surprising that they would like to stop the flow of cash out of the business.

Most claimants will indeed give up if rejected first time, even if they are owed compensation, and this is where experts like The PPI Team can really help.

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(Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/22851346)