Can you make a PPI claim?

With stories of mis-sold PPI compensation figures numbering in the tens of thousands of pounds it’s the question everybody is asking.

Surely everybody who can claim back PPI already has?

The PPI scandal has received huge media and press attention and it’s likely you don’t go through a day without seeing an advertisement related to it. You might think that with all this attention that if you had not made a PPI claim by now then you probably don’t have one to make.

Whilst it is probably more true that people now know what PPI is, many people are still not aware that they even bought it to begin with. It was usually called something else such as sickness and unemployment cover or credit protection.

So how do I know if I have PPI cover?

The easiest thing to do is dig out your documents and check the small print. If any form of payment protection or insurance was sold to you as “essential” or included as a mandatory condition of taking out the policy, you probably have a claim.

When you took out the original policy you should have been presented with a choice of at least two payments and given the right opportunity to opt out of PPI if you did not want to pay it.

If you read through your documents and you’re still not sure then we can help, call us on 0800 849 8060 and speak to an expert. Even if you can’t find your documents we can usually assess your claim by asking you a few simple questions.

I think I might have PPI on my policy, can I claim a refund?

Not every PPI policy can be claimed against but if you still have a policy running or it was sold to you within the past six years you are likely to have a claim.

Once you know that you have a policy it comes down to how you were sold it. Check if you received the full terms and conditions prior to signing for the policy and see if a suitable cooling-off period was offered. If you were told there was no option about taking out the policy when you took out a loan then you have almost certainly been mis-sold PPI.

If you think you might have a PPI claim but don’t know what to do next we can help, our experts are waiting by the phone to take your call, we will deal with your claim on a no win, no fee basis and you are under no obligation to proceed. Call us on 0800 849 8060 today.