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INFOGRAPHIC: Common PPI questions – busted!

There are many questions we get asked by customers or those looking to make a PPI claim, and there are some which come up on a regular basis. We thought we would create an easy to follow, visual infographic to … Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Top Tips For Earning Extra Money

Over on our Facebook and Twitter channels, we’ve been sharing a lot of articles and news stories focusing on tips to #SavingPennies – simple things you can incorporate into your life to try and cut costs. In this infographic, we’ve … Continue reading

Infographic: What Could You Buy With Your PPI Claim?

With great excitement, we recently announced that we have now handled over 25,000 claims and helped 60,000 clients with their mis-sold payment protection insurance claims – a total of £16 million! We receive some wonderfully positive reviews from our customers … Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: How to apply for PPI

PPI is a type of insurance policy that many people took out to help cover repayments on loans and credit cards in the event of being unable to pay the loan back due to sickness, unemployment or an accident. With … Continue reading

Does the PPI market have much time left?

It feels like the PPI claims scandal has been rumbling on for almost as long as the banks were fooling customers into paying for the unnecessary insurance policy. With so much media coverage of the scandal over the last year … Continue reading

Lloyds staff told PPI complainants will “give up first time”

A recent undercover investigation by The Times has revealed several dubious practices in operation at one of Lloyds TSB’s complaint handling centres. Staff at the centre were advised to turn a blind-eye to mis-selling by salesmen, even when fraud was … Continue reading

Lloyds to pay out a further £1bn in mis-sold PPI

Following last weeks announcement by Barclays that they are adding £700m to their PPI refund pot, Lloyds have revealed they are setting aside a further £1bn to cover compensation claims from customers who were mis-sold PPI. PPI Refund Bill soars … Continue reading

Barclays increase PPI claim fund by £700m

When the big high street banks announced that they were setting aside nearly £10bn to pay for claims on mis-sold PPI, it revealed just how big the scandal was. Now, as Barclays officially announce they are adding another £700m to … Continue reading

Calls for a full PPI mis-selling investigation

In the wake of the Libor scandal, a situation that is receiving a full-blown investigation from the government, the Guardian are calling for PPI mis-selling to receive the same treatment. Counting the cost of aggressive mis-selling Beyond the well documented … Continue reading

You agreed to your PPI but could you still make a claim?

Despite all of the success stories where people across the country have successfully claimed a PPI refund from the banks many people are still not claiming because they think they agreed to the policy fair and square. As the PPI … Continue reading