The facts about PPI claims

Why you can and should claim back your PPI:

  • The banks lost in the High Court in April 2011 for mis-selling PPI to millions of people
  • With an estimated £50 billion worth of PPI policies sold over the last ten to fifteen years – by hundreds of different financial businesses – millions of people have already complained about PPI mis-selling. And billions of pounds have already been paid out in compensation.
  • The Financial ombudsman service uphold on average 72% of cases in the customers favour.

About The PPI Team

  • We specialise in PPI claims only
  • If we don’t manage to secure you a PPI refund, we won’t charge you anything – No win no fee
  • If you change your mind about using our PPI claims service within 14 days – you won’t pay us a penny
  • We are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities which is recorded on the website

How do I know if I was mis-sold PPI?

With up to 90% of PPI policies thought to be mis-sold, you may well be owed thousands of pounds, the checklist below shows some of the most common reasons why PPI was mis-sold and you can make your PPI claim:

  • Were you led to believe PPI was compulsory with your loan?
  • You felt pressured into taking PPI?
  • Were you self employed?
  • You were either unemployed, retired or in education when you took out PPI?
  • Were you fully informed of the whole cost of the PPI policy?
  • Did you have a pre-existing medical condition?
  • Did you employer pay sick pay or did you have payment protection insurance in place elsewhere?

This is only a small list of reasons why you can claim back PPI, to see if you can start claiming back PPI simply call our expert consultants now to see if we can help get you reclaim £1,000’s.